This website is hard to work out, as it seems to be almost an open forum for landlords to post flats across the country. I only have experience of the Cardiff section, but my experience is that of an absolute, total SCAM. Please AVOID at all costs. It seemed too good to be true, but I went ahead and enquired about a nice looking flat on Newport Road anyway – the landlord emailed back and forth convincingly for a day or two, but said they were away at the time so couldn’t show me the flat straight away. Then they asked for the deposit to be transferred via Western Union immediately to secure it, and luckily before I parted with any money, I realised that it was a scam and they dropped contact entirely. DO NOT send anyone money before you’ve met them and seen the property.

Who knows if everything on this site is a scam or not, but I’d edge on the side of caution and avoid it all. And it’s a terrible website for allowing even one of its properties to be fake.

Rating: 1 star