Today we’ve launched our new ‘Email Your AM’ function where you can very easily tell your local politicians what they need to be voting for over the next few weeks in the Renting Homes Bill.

On 30th September, a select few AMs in the Communities, Equality & Local Government Committee will vote on Stage 2 of the Bill. Here’s a list of them:

So your email is extra important if it goes to one of them! They will get to decide which amendments go through to Stage 3.

At Stage 3, all AMs will vote on the Bill. So even if your ones (you have a Constituency AM and 4 Regional AMs) are not on the Committee, it will definitely matter when it gets to this final stage.

We want to start emailing as soon as possible, because it takes time to decide on amendments and for AMs to work together to improve things. Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have been very sympathetic to our aims, and the Welsh Conservatives agree with a large amount of what we’re proposing. Welsh Labour however, if they obey the Welsh Government whip, will not be voting to improve things for renters but only the bare minimum of the Bill’s aims, which is to simplify tenancy contracts. The Bill also threatens to remove important safeguards of the six-month moratorium (where tenants have the first 6 months of a contract as safe from eviction) and to make it easier for landlords to evict tenants.

So email your AM as soon as you can using this link: And promote it on Facebook and Twitter so we can get the biggest response possible!