For the most part of the tenancy this landlord treated me ok. However, there did seem to be a negative attitude when asking for a repair to a boiler despite me pointing out all the things I had done to fix this.

The main problem with this landlord came to when I was moving out. As it was obviously a busy time for me things moved slower than planned and I was behind schedule. When I realised this I phoned the landlady and asked for extra time, several days in advance, stating that if this was not possible I would still ensure it was done. I tried to be as reasonable as possible and make it clear I was asking and not demanding.

When it came to move out day a time was arranged for inspection. Some of my stuff remained outside the property that I needed to put in the car, with the intention of that being completed as soon as the appointment was over.

The landlady was incredibly confrontational over this, getting aggressive and demanding despite me being clear it would be removed that day. She then left the property to go to a shop while I put a couple of things I had purposefully not put away (to ask if she wanted them for the next tenant, items such as a bin and mop) in the car.

Upon return she continued to be aggressive saying I had left mess in the property, which was not true as it was now both clean and empty. When I pointed out the property was in a cleaner state then when given to me (and as could be evidenced by the inventory) she began shouting swear words and being abusive, telling me to get out of the property.

This type of landlord is simply not fit to rent property and no customer should ever be treated in this way when attempting to act as reasonably as possible.

Would not recommend them to anyone.

Rating: 1 star