The Welsh Government has been consulting on a letting agency fee ban, in legislation to be introduced sometime before summer 2018. So Let Down ran a survey to help gather renters’ views before we responded to it; thank you to everyone who filled in it. We had a diverse sample of 30 people who have been stuck in the private rented sector and told us about what fees they’d been charged, when they were made to pay them and how extortionate they felt they were.

We put together a response based on your views and sent it off to the Welsh Government. You can download the paper below and see our original survey here.

Let Down in Wales thumbnail of fees response

Next stage is for the Welsh Government to introduce a Bill, which we’re hoping will be an outright ban, and not a watered down version in the form of a cap or a means-tested amount (e.g. where your fees might be cheaper when your rent is cheaper). The politician in charge of this is Rebecca Evans, the newly appointed Minister for Housing and Regeneration. 

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