Let Down in Wales

The campaign for private rented sector reform in Wales


This is the home of the Let Down in Wales campaign.

We started off as a grassroots campaign made up of people who have been let down by their letting agents or landlords. The Welsh Government is only just bringing in legislation to regulate them, and while this is most definitely on the right track, it’s happening too slowly and the legislation is simply not good enough. There are people from every walk of life having letting agents and landlords scam them, break their contracts and charge them extortionate, invented ‘fees’. And that’s just when you have a ‘good’ letting agent or landlord.

For the poor people that have to take a flat or house with a bad landlord, they can have the heating break and have a freezing winter (because their landlord refuses to replace the boiler). They can have their rent hiked up overnight, simple because the landlord thought they could make some quick money out of them. At their worst, landlords can kick their tenants out of their home whenever they feel like it, leaving them on the streets and destitute, with little notice, because they decided to have the house back to themselves or had other tenants willing to pay more.

This campaign has many aims – all resulting in reforming the private rented sector – but we will only be heard if we work together.

So far we have:

1) Petitioned the Welsh Assembly to include a Letting Agents Ombudsman in Wales.

2) Set up a “Lettings Advisor’ have our own resource of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the letting agent world in Cardiff.

3) We work with politicians and other like-minded campaigners to change things for the better. We need the private rented sector to treat tenants with respect, but this simply cannot happen without legislative reform.

4) Published two ‘Let Down’ reports – one on bad letting agent practice in Cardiff and another on private rented housing solutions across the rest of the UK.

5) The ‘Let Down’ Manifesto which calls upon Welsh political parties to improve the Renting Homes Bill and to have policy proposals for renters in their 2016 manifestos.

6) Set up an ‘Email Your AM’ function, in collaboration with Generation Rent so that renters can tell AMs quickly and easily what needs to change to improve their lives.

We invite every renter in Wales to send us reviews of your latest letting agent or landlord and to email your Assembly Members. Together, we can make the law better for Welsh renters!

One thought on “About

  1. Hi – I’m a local councillor in Cathays and stumbled on your campaign via Twitter. Needless to say while there are some good landlords we get a lot of complaints about landlords and letting agencies from both tenants and neighbours. If anyone has complaints about properties in Cathays would be interested to hear and you can email me on sarah.merry@cardiff.gov.uk. Just wanted to flag up two things – the Welsh Assembly are bringing in some tighter controls on landlords/letting agencies including training. Also all Houses of Multiple Occupation in Cathays are covered by licensing and I believe that tenants may even be able to withold rent if their properties are not licensed when they should be. It doesn’t solve all the problems but it does give another way of redressing problems. The Council is currently considering expanding compulsory licensing to Plasnewydd and Gabalfa. The Cardiff Digs website is aimed at students but does have useful information about housing on it – link here: http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/content.asp
    Sorry to butt in but the housing situation in Cathays in various ways including planning & waste is probably the biggest problem we have to deal with as local councillors. Hope this information helps and good luck!

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